The Week of Hell has passed. Thank you sincerely to all who have contributed towards the Wildlands Trust. It really is a worthy cause.

Donations are still very much needed to hit my target. Please feel free to contribute! I'm Cooking up another way to enjoy my suffering.. Watch this space for a revamp..

With the Unogwaja Challenge rapidly approaching it's time to get some serious kilometers into my legs. Now it's your chance to exact revenge, anonymously explore your sadistic side or just be supportive of me on this quest.. Here is how.

You vote how far I need to ride during a hell of a training week (May 1st – 7th) by donating to Wildlands Trust. Simple, huh?


The nice package..

2 km a time soon adds up to a nice ride. Thanks!

Donate 10 USD

Have some of this..

10 km a time? Now that's a deeper burn!

Donate 25 USD

How'd ya like them apples..

50 km a pop? Now this is going to hurt.

Donate 100 USD

The 'screw you Williamson' package..

Ya, this will get you 300km of my suffering.
The less said about this package the better....

Donate 500 USD

April 30th The McLaughlin Family added 10km  'Go Davie!'
                  Anonymous added 2km 'This shouldn't bother your behind too much' 
                             Teresa Benvenuti added 2km                                                                                                            Allegra Mango added 2km 'Good luck Dave!!!'

May 1st Florian Holstein added 50km 'Go David!'                                                                                                                              Stuart Smith added 10km 'Attttttt a boy Davey!!! Keep smashing those km's!!!  

May 2nd Christopher McInroy added 2km 'Stoff'                                                                                                                              Cory Arcak added 2km 'See you soon'

Morganne Firmstone added 10km 'You crazy Irishman!'

May 3rd Alison Evans added 2km 'Kill it Davey'

Megan Smith added added 20 km 'Love you D'

Melissa and Jeremy Meccage added 50km 'Good Luck Davey! We'll be thinking about you! Love, Jer and Mel'

May 5th Helen, Justin, Grace & Calum Knull added 20 km 'Go David Go!!! We will be cheering you on from Michigan!'

May 6th Anya Gersoff added 10km

May 7th  Princeton Field Hockey Club added 50km 'Watch out for potholes'

Thank you! total contributed towards my training Km... 242.. Total ridded 259km, plus a 57km that I still can't get off my Garmin. Most likely due to user error..

May 11th Mike Pallister added 10km 'P. Williamson Appreciation Society'

May 17th Carole Hausheer added 20km 'Good luck David!!!'


Yeah, I know you are thinking.. is David actually going to do this? Well I will post the ride data here on site via Strava to prove my integrity.

I also know that there is a slim chance this goes viral and the number is in the 1000's of KM. In that instance I will endeavor to get all the way to the total. I'll make it eventually outside the 1st - 7th. I mean I will also be covering some ground on African soil.

Check out the official promo video for this 2014 Unogwaja.. You might see someone you recognize with a silly accent.